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and Procurement Performance Management

Rapidly Advance Procurement’s Efficiency, Trust, and Strategic Value.

Learn how our solutions help 450+ global customers easily collaborate, track all projects to make better decisions, confidently measure and show their impact, and discover new value-creating opportunities to improve business outcomes and alignment.

Your demo will be tailored to your specific organization needs, goals, and architecture. 

Request your demo to see:

  • Spend Intelligence and our spend data process
  • Procurement Performance Management
  • Features to support ESG and supplier diversity goals
  • Features to support value reporting and spend compliance for Finance
  • Integrations with source-to-pay products and third-party supplier data sources

Why Us?

See why 450+ global customers trust SpendHQ | Per Angusta to rapidly advance their
Procurement’s efficiency, trust, and strategic value.

Procurement Performance Management Demo


The game-changing Procurement Performance Managament platform

See why customers call this solution pioneer their procurement “backbone” and “management hub” and Spend Matters named it a top 50 solution to know in 2022.

  • Procurement project pipeline tracking
  • New opportunity intake and prioritization
  • Finance-audited Savings reporting
  • Non-financial | ESG value tracking
  • Custom dashboards and reporting
  • Contract visibility
  • Supplier risk profiles and information hub
  • Stakeholder collaboration features
  • 30+ integration options

Spend Intelligence Demo

Spend Analysis Becomes Actionable

With $6 trillion in spend data processed, see why Spend Matters ranks our solution a “Value Leader” to shortlist.*

  • Enterprise spend visibility and trends
  • Category intelligence
  • ESG and Diversity benchmarking
  • Supplier insights and watchlists
  • Spend compliance targets
  • Automated insights
  • Visualization and reporting
  • Customized spend classification taxonomy
  • Our data intake and enrichment process
  • 40+ integration options

Connect insights to action and impact

Experience our seamless user journey as you discover new insights into your spend practices and trends, and then turn that knowledge into new procurement projects with data-backed goal setting.